About Natural Look Transitions

First, let us thank you for taking the time to look further into who we are and how we can help you with your hair loss.

From the very beginning, it was our mission to have a business that would welcome you as a friend and actually listen to your concerns. And now, at Natural Look Transitions, we can do just that. As professionally trained hair replacement specialists we have many years of experience in the best restoration techniques and will help you bring back the natural volume and healthy look you’ve been missing.

Who’s Ed?

Ed Thacker

Ed Thacker

Hello, I am Edward Thacker an internationally renowned hair replacement artist, but please call me Ed as my friends do.  First let me thank you for taking the time to look further into whom we are and how we can help you.

From the very beginning it was my mission to have a business which would welcome you as a friend and actually listen to your concerns. Our professionally trained hair replacement specialists have many years of experience and will be able to provide the perfect environment to help you achieve the style and look that you are hoping for.

Who’s Ed?  I’m just a farm boy from Idaho, who loves what he does. I was raised by honest hard working salt of the earth parents who taught me the value of treating others just as I would wish to be treated.

It was in January of 1984 that I graduated top of my class from the Idaho Barber and Styling College. I was attending the Styling College when all of my artistic talents came together and I fell in love with working with hair. Immediately after graduating I purchased the Idaho Barber and Beauty on Main Street and renamed it Custom Hair and Co.

In March of 1984 I went to my first hair replacement training and began offering hair replacement with regular hair styling services.  I have traveled all over this great country to study and learn from some of the best hairstylists in the world.

I arrived in Sacramento in 1998, working for Jacob Hoffman International as an on stage trainer and traveling around the country teaching hair replacement cutting and styling techniques.

After buying Natural Look in 2004, I had the honor of receiving an invitation to join the Transitions International Group (TIG). TIG is an exclusive group of the best hair replacement professionals from around the world. TIG offers annual training conferences where we are afforded the opportunity to meet with vendors and other hair professionals who provide the information needed to remain on top of all the latest and greatest advancements in hair replacement technology, products and techniques.

After joining the Transitions group we changed the name of our salon to Natural Look Transitions.

At Natural Look Transitions we have helped hundreds of men, women and children suffering from hair loss, baldness, and thinning hair. We have always taken great pride in providing our clients with the latest breakthroughs in male and female hair loss prevention programs, non-surgical hair restoration and replacement. Our trained specialists have combined their technical expertise and artistry to provide hair replacement systems that are virtually undetectable to both sight and touch.

If you suffer from the devastating effects of hair loss, there is no longer any reason to feel self-conscious in public. Our caring, confidential hair loss counseling session will provide you with the ability to make a fully informed decision on which hair loss treatment and options are best for your particular situation so that you can shower, exercise, walk into the wind, apply for that promotion at work… all without worrying about your hair.

I would like to invite you to contact us with any questions you may have. Our team is committed and excited about providing you the best service possible when designing your hair. Our goal is to give you the look, the confidence and the self-esteem you want and deserve.

Sincerely yours,